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Posting a position on the EFS website is an easy and quick process – and it is free of charge! If you have any questions on the posting process, please call the EFS office (614-863-1219; 9am – 1pm, Monday through Friday). Here are the steps to follow:

Post your job via:
Phone – just call the EFS office and we can work with you over the phone (614/863-1219) OR
Fax – just forward your position description via fax (614/863-1358) OR
Email – forward your position description to jobs@employseniors.org. We will post the position and contact you via phone or email with any questions OR
Post on the EFS website – you may wish to post your job directly on the website. The position will be held in a temporary area to be reviewed by the EFS staff. If there are any questions, we will call you directly.

Once your job is posted:
Once your position has been reviewed and appears on our website, the job will be immediately available to thousands of skilled, mature job seekers in our community. The EFS staff will maintain your posted job for 30 days. During that time, we will be in contact with you to ensure clients are provided complete and correct information regarding your open opportunity. Should you fill the position, we will inactivate your posting – just call or email us with instructions. If, after 30 days, your position is still open, we will maintain the posting for as long as you need our services.

EFS clients will receive your posting information:
The posting of your position will be available on the EFS website, including the job description, qualifications, and general geographic location. However, your company name and application instructions will be concealed on the internet. Clients will contact the EFS office to receive your company name and the application details. Our Volunteer Job Counselors will discuss your position and its requirements to determine a client's interest and, if they meet your minimum qualifications, they will receive the additional application information. The client will apply directly to your organization.

Your position will be included in EFS marketing:
Over the posting period, your position will be available to thousands of EFS clients via our website Job List. Periodically clients receive information from EFS via email or phone calls that provide clients with information on posted positions, along with programs and services available to each mature job seeker.

Your position is filled:
Once you have received sufficient applications and/or your position is filled, contact the EFS office and we will remove it from our website. If you have hired an EFS client, reporting such information to our office provides significant statistical information for our grant requests and fundraising. We appreciate your assistance in keeping the list as accurate as possible.