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Client Services

Employment For Seniors providesfree employment assistance to central Ohio mature job seekers, 50 years of age and older. Regardless of past employment history, education level, or income, EFS is here to help you become the best candidate possible!

Through our easy registration process, clients receive access to the hundreds of posted positions available 24/7 on the EFS website. Although EFS is not a placement agency, we strive to advocate for mature job seekers throughout our community by reaching local employers and emphasizing the skills, maturity, reliability and dependability of our clients.

Client Registration:
To register with Employment For Seniors, simply contact the office at 614/863-1219 to schedule a short ½ hour appointment. The EFS office is open from 9am until 1pm daily; the client schedule begins at 9:30am with the last appointment at 12:00 noon. Clients meet with a member of the EFS Volunteer Counseling Team, chosen for their skills and experience, who can help a client successfully gain employment.

During registration, clients are provided resources to assist in their job search. Clients also receive information on resume development, interviewing skills, and contact information on other community organizations that provide employment services. Basic resume reviews may also be conducted.

A new client will receive any appropriate job leads during this meeting, so they may forward their applications to the various employers. More importantly, they will receive instructions on the JobMatch system and the easy access to other postings in the future. It is suggested that clients review the JobList weekly, to ensure they do not miss any of the wonderful opportunities included on the EFS website.

Job Leads:
Once an EFS client is registered, their main task is to review the JobList on a weekly basis. Although jobs are posted for 30 days, many are filled quickly and taken off the job list. Clients are encouraged to submit their application as soon as they receive a job lead. While EFS does not submit applications for clients, if there is any difficulty in the process, the office staff will bring issues to the attention of the employers.

Follow-up Appointments:
Clients may be out of contact with EFS for several reasons. Once a client is again pursuing employment, they may require an update of services available and can schedule a Follow-up appointment by calling the EFS office (614/863-1219).

Annual Senior Career Expo:
Mature job seekers have a unique opportunity to meet with employers searching for qualified, experienced applicants at the annual Senior Career Expo. Along with meeting recruiting employers, participants also can attend many educational workshops developed to make their job search successful. The Expo program also highlights many other nonprofit organizations in central Ohio that provide services and programs for seniors.

The Annual Senior Career Expo provides EFS clients with an exceptional opportunity to network with employers in a positive environment. The event is free of charge to participants, with free and ample parking. Check the EFS website for the Expo schedule and details.

65+ JobSeekers Workshop Program:
Those job seekers 65 years of age and older are in a unique situation; they need employment, yet likely have not been in the job market for many years. This group often struggles with the search process for significantly longer than other job seekers. They are at a disadvantage with understanding the new on-line application process, what networking includes and what is required on a resume in today's job market. Through a targeted grant from the Columbus Foundation's Tobbe Fund, EFS has developed a series of workshops to help our senior job seekers. Workshop topics include: transferability of employment skills, how to write powerful resumes and the issues of interviewing for mature seekers. The 65+ JobSeekers Workshop Series is offered multiple times each year; check the EFS website home page for details on the next program, dates/places and how to register.

You will often see Employment For Seniors at career events throughout central Ohio. Presentations may include information on: the value of mature job seekers, resume tips for mature workers, and strategies for finding employment that meets your goals. Watch for an EFS representative at your local library, various career fairs, and senior centers.

Employer Advocacy:
The primary goal of Employment For Seniors is to match mature job seekers with local employers. We work tirelessly to advocate for seniors with the many employers in our region. In order to increase the number of positions posted on the EFS JobList, it is critical that our employer community discover the value of an experienced senior. The EFS staff reach out to employers, coaching them on the solid experiences a senior brings to an organization, and strategies to enhance their organization through the utilization of a senior workforce.